The CEC Report

6 Seasons

The CEC Report delivers another political point-of-view. The Citizens Electoral Council of Australia (CEC) is a minor nationalist political party in Australia affiliated with the international LaRouche Movement, led by American political activist and conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche. An opportunity of compelling viewing, this party has been described as “far right”, “fascist” and “lunar right… View show

World on Water

5 Seasons

“World on Water” is a weekly global boating news programme which recently measured over 350,000 YouTube views and is still growing fast! View show


1 Season

‘Opinionated’ brings to the table dynamic discussions and debates surrounding the stark warning signs of what our future may hold, if we do not resist increasing invasive technological advancement and self-serving, oppressive governmental policies with prime objective to control the mass population. Drawing particular references to ‘1984’ View show

The Key to Your House

1 Season

The Key to Your House is a 12 part documentary that delves into the history and inner workings of Parliament House. Named after a historic key presented to the Hon Sir Walter James MLA, Premier of Western Australia, on the opening of the new Parliament building in 1904, the program is a joint initiative between the Parliament of Western Australia and West Television (Channel 44). Deeply reflective… View show

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