Get Dirty With Milton

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Milton is here with you with Tips and Tricks of how to keep your garden glowing and growing. The thriving gardening program fresh out of Adelaide has arrived in WA and has already set the standard for all our gardening programs. He is a cutie ladies so don’t miss this one.

Season 4


In todays show Milton reveals why Autumn is the best time of the year to plant all of your garden plants, what the differences are between pansies and violas, as well as getting an inside look on how to grow dahlias!


This week Milton shows you which mulch is best suited for you, as well as the most popular lawn varieties so you can pick the right on for your garden. But before that we get a sneak peek at Australias newly renovated garden center!


In the new installment of the show, Milton takes you out on the road to a country fair and a garden festival! Then he shows you three herbs that will keep your cats healthy and happy!


This week on the show you get a look at the beautiful “Barossa Nursery”, then a look at a designers garden in all its glory, and finally how to camoflauge an old, ugly wall and turn it into a living hedge for your own backyard!


Today Milton shows you how to plant your bare-root strawberry plants before giving a hand rejuvinating a friends lawn and fixing her citrus problems!

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