Adrian’s Reptile World

1 Season

Adrian has spent the last 20 years perfecting the art of keeping and breeding reptiles. Now he shares this wealth of experience with you! Full of useful tips and information, this comprehensive series is a must for anyone interested in the hobby of reptile keeping.

Season 1


The first episode in this series, presented by Adrian Hemens, introduces us to Boyds Forrest Dragon and the Green Tree Python from the rainforests of north Queensland. We are shown how to care for these reptiles in captivity and also how they live in their natural habitat.


‘The History of Reptile Breeding’. Episode two of Adrian’s reptile world shows how Cornsnakes were used as the first species to breed and to control breeding through mutations by Dr Bernard Bechtel. This episode also takes us to the Daytona Reptile Expo in Florida and Gourmet Rodent, an American reptile production house.


‘Reptiles, People and Places’. This episode of Adrian’s Reptile World features a reptile farm in Florida called The Chameleon Company, how the internet has impacted the hobby of caring for reptiles and reptile therapy. Also featured is a company called Gourmet Rodent, a breeding company that supplied frozen mice to reptile owners and breeders.


‘Frogs as Pets’. This episode, hosted by Adrian Hemens, is all about frogs. Adrian looks into the Poison Dart Frog and visits Ecuador and Borneo in search of other species frogs. Also featured is native frogs found in northern Queensland and the Kimberly in Western Australia and how to care for frogs as pets.


This episode of Adrian’s Reptile World features Blackhead and Woma Pythons. The episode takes us to WA where we are introduced to David who owns Pilbara Pythons. He captures a female Death Adder and we are able to see it give birth to its live young.


This episode of Adrian’s Reptile World features Bearded Dragons. We are introduced to the Sandfire Dragon Ranch in California. Then taken to set up an enclosure for a Dragon and the delicate process of incubating their eggs.


This episode of Adrian’s Reptile World features Monitor Lizards. We are shown their breeding and nesting habits, how to set up their enclosures for the different sizes that are available. We venture back to WA to see some Lizard breeds in their natural habitat.


This episode of Adrian’s Reptile World features Turtles and The Eastern Water Dragon. We are introduced to Michael Frith, a Turtle enthusiast and breeder from Sydney and he explains how to keep Turtles healthy as pets and their breeding habits. We are taken to WA to see the Dinner Plate Turtle in its natural habitat […]


This episode of Adrian’s Reptile World features Blue Tongues and other Skinks. We are introduced to Dr Darin Croft from Chicago, who is a breeder of Skinks. Featured in this episode is the Shingleback species, which gives birth to live young. We are also introduces to Darren Earnshaw, an Australian Breeder who talks about the […]


This episode of Adrian’s Reptile World features Gecko’s and small Dragons. We are introduced to the Central Netted Dragon and the Southern Angle headed Dragon. We venture to the Kimberly in WA to see some Knob Tail Gecko’s in their natural habitat and are shown how to properly keep them in captivity.


This episode of Adrian’s Reptile World features Children’s Pythons, Frilled Neck Lizards and the Leaf Tail Gecko’s. We are introduced to Stephen Leisk, manager at Dolittle Farm and he shows us some different breeds, We travel to the Ord Ranges to see the smallest python breed in their natural habitat. We also see the Frilled […]


This episode of Adrian’s Reptile World features They Carpet Python Family. We find a baby Diamond Python in its natural habitat and we also take a visit to the Sydney frog and reptile expo to meet Kel Worley, a Python breeder. We head to Tully River to find a Amethystine Python and to north east […]


This episode of Adrian’s Reptile World features the top ten reptile pets. We also visit the frog and reptile expo and talk to the organiser there. We also talk to the publisher of Reptile Australia and the owner of the website

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